For Referees

2024 Coastal Youth Soccer - Memo to Referees

FROM CYSL - Spring 2024


  • Coaches MUST wear lanyards at all times.
  • If the coach has forgotten their lanyard, but they are on the roster as a coach, they may remain in the technical area but note the lack of lanyard in your game report.
  • If a coach is wearing their lanyard but is is NOT listed on the roster, again they may remain in the technical area but note the discrepancy in your game report.


  • All players MUST have a picture on the roster to play in the game. 
  • As the referee, you should point out the discrepancy to the opposing coach so they can choose to protest the game. 
  • If an exception is made, please note the player's name in your game report.
  • Rosters must be signed by the Coach and Bruce Roberts (with CYSL) to be considered valid.
  • Each coach MUST provide 2 rosters with colored photos. Each coach should be given a roster to the opposing team PRIOR to each game (and you keep the remaining 2 rosters).


  • Inspect fields and nets before each game.
  • Ensure the presence of corner flags
  • The coach of the home team is responsible for ensuring the field is properly equipped.
  • Players should not be wearing jewelry, casts or under-sized shin guards. 

Potential Serious Injury (ie concussions):

  • If you suspect a player has suffered a concussion, please inform the coach that the player cannot return to play. 

Guide on how to use the Assignr Software as a Referee

Pembroke Youth Soccer uses as its referee platform. (As of spring 2024). In order to set up your account, your Assignor (Deirdre Reilly 339-933-2311) will send you an invite. Remember that you must complete ALL requirements as noted on your My Status page in before you can referee.

This document attached below shows you:

  1. Account Set Up/Profile Set up
  2. How to enter availability
  3. How to Accept/Decline Games
  4. How to Complete a Game Report
  5. Venue Locations


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