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Winter Indoor at South Shore Sports Center
by posted 10/14/2019

Registration for Winter Indoor at the South Shore Sports Center is open and can be accessed through the links below or through similar links posted under the Registration tab on the PYS website.

Pembroke teams, as well as individual players, can register to play over the Winter.

Based on levels of participation, the South Shore Sports Center will donate turf time, coaching clinics, South Shore Sports Center facility usage and discounts on birthday parties and other Sports Center events.

If you have any question about the winter sessions or the Pembroke Youth Soccer Incentive program, please contact Cecilia DeRosa at the South Shore Sports Center at (781) 740-1105.


Pembroke Youth Soccer has partnered with the South Shore Sports Center to encourage all Pembroke players and teams to participate in the South Shore Sports Center winter Indoor Leagues starting in November.
A portion of each registration fee is donated back to your town soccer program! 
Click  here  to learn more or register using the buttons below. 


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South Shore Sports Center Winter Indoor Incentive Program
by posted 10/04/2019

The Fall Season is off to a great start…much better than the frequent rain outs we experienced last year.  We are hoping that October will bring much of the same.

As we get into October, many of our coaches, parents and players begin looking for opportunities to stay engaged with soccer over the Winter. 

We want to make you aware of an incentive program which has been offered by the South Shore Sports Center to PYS players and teams. 

This program provides PYS with opportunities for the following:

- Discounted registration fees for both teams and individual players (individual players who do not have a full team to enter into a winter session can be placed on a “house team” coached by professional coaches employed by the South Shore Sports Center)

- Donations back to PYS Program based on target participation levels

- Donated "Turf Time" at the Sports Center based on target participation levels

- Free Soccer Clinics for PYS based on target participation levels

- Opportunity to earn a PYS Night at the Sports Center next Spring

- Discounts on birthday parties and other kids events at South Shore Sports Center


The Sports Center will provide a private registration link for PYS teams and individual players to use.

If you have any questions regarding the incentive program and registration, please contact Kevin Williams at veep.pys@gmail.com

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Is your child interested in earning money as a referee?
by posted 08/12/2019

Dear Parents,


Pembroke Youth Soccer (and other youth soccer organizations on the south shore) are ALWAYS looking for referees.

If your child plays soccer and is interested in earning money, becoming a soccer referee (Grade 8 level) is the perfect combination for them.

For your convenience, here is a link to the Massachusetts State Referee Committee website ishttps://www.massref.net/ [massref.net].

To see course dates, please click here à Course dates and information [massref.net]

Steps to register for a referee course:

Step 1                   Create an account on the MSRC database [massref.net] (use this link)

Step 2                   Enroll in a course [massref.net] (course dates and information)

Step 3                   Attend the course


Below is some information about what it means to be a Grade 8 Referee.

Grade 8 Referees: Grade 8 is the entry level for new referees aged 14 and older. Once certified, these referees can expect to be working competitive or recreational games in Youth or Adult Leagues and Tournaments depending on the age of the referee.

As referees advance to higher grades they are required to demonstrate their continued qualification through "maintenance" assessments and sustained high level competition experience.


Approximately 90% of all referees in Massachusetts are Grade 8.


PYS Board

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