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Pembroke Youth Soccer Field Turf Application Notification - 8/2
by posted 08/01/2022

Pembroke Youth Soccer Field Turf Application Notification

Prepared by Theodore O’Toole

– Sprouts Custom Lawns

– Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator License # CC-0042155

A) Purpose

a. The application will supply fertility to turf to maintain balanced nutrition. Balanced nutrition will allow turfgrass to better withstand traffic and fend off turf pest pressures. This contribution results in improved field conditions. Maximizing field quality will provide a well cushioned playing surface which will minimize the chances of sports related injuries.

b. A second portion of the application will be a preventative treatment for all species of white grubs. This key application prevents the significant damage which these root feeding larvae can inflict on turf. The prevention of these pests now will help us to avoid costly repairs, increased water usage, and remove the need of more potent insecticides. A granular version of this product will be utilized to help avoid needless exposure to pollinators.

c. Regular spot spraying for various broadleaf & grassy weeds will be conducted to maintain consistently low weed thresholds. Regular spot spraying applications will keep weeds in check, reduce their proliferation through seed, and lessen the need for broadcast treatments of these products.


B) Dates a. Date of application will occur on August 2nd, 2022.


C) Location a. All Pembroke Youth Soccer Fields on Learning Lane. Fields 1, 2, 3, & 4. b. Herbicides will be utilized as spot applications.


D) Products Applied

a. Nutrite Professional Turf Fertilizer with with Merit Insecticide (Imidacloprid)

   i. EPA Reg #: 432-1349-82757

   ii. REI – 12 Hours

   iii. Target - White grub larvae.

b. Last Call Herbicide – (Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl, Fluroxypyr MHE, Dicamba Acid)

   i. EPA Reg #: 228-719

   ii. REI – Until Dry

   iii. Target- Crabgrass & grassy weeds.

c. T-Zone Herbicide – (Triclopyr, Sulfentrazone, 2,4-D, Dicamba)

   i. EPA Reg #: 2217-976

   ii. REI – 24 Hours

   iii. Target – Broadleaf weeds

d. Dismiss NXT – (Sulfentrazone, Carfentrazone-ethyl)

   i. EPA Reg #: 279-3383

   ii. REI – 12 hours

   iii. Target – Yellow Nutsedge weeds

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2022-2023 U12 and U14 Select Teams
by posted 07/01/2022

We want to thank all of the U12 and U14 players who came out to our player evaluation nights.  Although the season just ended, it’s exciting to be looking forward to next year.

We appreciate that this is an exciting, but also nerve-racking time of year, and know that some players may be surprised and/or disappointed. Our evaluators saw plenty of talent out there, which is what we have come to expect in Pembroke, so we are confidant we will field competitive teams in all levels of Coastal Youth Soccer next year.    


Congratulations to the following players who will represent Pembroke on our top U12 and U14 teams for the 2022-2023 Season:


U14 Girls                                             U14 Boys

Ava Burridge                                      Dylan Baldwin

Ainsley Fay                                        Joel Binnette

Emmy Giese                                       Declan Carey

Lily Hannon                                       Nathan Comeau

Ellen Holmes                                      Shane Joyce

Allana Joubert                                    Tommy McAuliffe

Ella Kendrick                                     Casey O’Callaghan

Riley McCafferty                               Sam Ruggiero

Taylor Mckinnon                               Quinn Rushing

Raelin McMullen                               Gavin Santoro

Mckenzie Mikolla                              Jack Shea

Lauren Minogue                                Aidan Simmons

Addison Nee                                      Aidan Spakoski

Charlotte O’Dette                              Grant Steverman

Kaylee Place                                      Beckett Sullivan

Violet Rioux                                      Charlie Williams

Molly Sheehan                                  Luke Williams

Ella Skeiber                                       Alex Zaneski      


U12 Girls                                             U12 Boys

Avery Cannell                                     Jonathan Abban

Alexis Doton                                       Ryan Baldwin

Fiona Gasbarro                                   Hunter Glass

Jamie Goff                                          Charlie Jarrett

Stella Hannon                                     Parker Mailloux

Allanah Harling                                  Ben Motta

Quinn McCafferty                              Grayson Murphy

Daveigh McMullen                             Ryder Nugent

Erin Murphy                                       Liam O’Neill

Emma Nee                                          Jonathan Searfross

Ella Riley                                           Connor Simmons

Peyton Sideropolous                          William Spratt

Paige Steinkrauss                               Nolan Zaccardi

Madison Tripodi


Players not selected for the top team in their age group will still represent Pembroke competing in the Coastal Youth Soccer league this Fall and next Spring.  Rosters for our other U12-U14 teams will constructed in early August, once registrations are complete and we finalize how many teams we will field and the best placement for teams in each age group.

We hope all our players have a great summer.


Kevin Williams


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PYS Preferred Parking Fundraiser Winner Announcement
by posted 05/09/2022

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Hobomock Fields this weekend for a very windy, but great weekend of soccer.  We much appreciate your support for our Annual Preferred Parking Scholarship Fundraiser, helping to support our scholarship awards for current and/or former PYS players who are graduating this year.

The winning ticket number for the New England Revolution tickets is:  3711216

If you are holding the winning ticket, congratulations!  Please contact PYS President, Kevin Williams, at .

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